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Hazardous Boxes

CCG Angle Box Ex e IIC, Ex nA IIC, Ex t IIIC, IP66/68

Features and Benefits
  • Angle Box for hazardous area lighting applications. (Industrial version also available) 
  • Screw-on lid provides ease of installation. Lid locking with a special key prevents unauthorized tampering.
  • No exposed metal parts.
  • Dust and water proof to IP68 when used with CCG sealed cable glands.
  • One box offers 1, 2, 3 or 4 way versatility (reduced stock holding).
  • No drilling or tapping of cable entries required.
  • Angle Box is angled to allow ease of termination and inspection.
  • Mounting studs provided for DIN rail if using Terminal Blocks.
  • Internal earthing to rail and gland entries provided. 

Conditions and limitations for safe use
  • The CCG lid locking key must be used to open and close units that do not have locking screws such as “clear cover units”.
  • When fitted with the polycarbonate (clear) cover the equipment must be installed to prevent the generation of electrostatic charge. 
  • When fitted with the clear lid, the unit must be installed to prevent UV exposure to the internal components fitted. 
  • Only the terminal blocks as per the description may be utilised in the junction box. Specific installation conditions as set by the terminal manufacturer / terminal certification must be considered. This includes considering the use of the applicable partitions and end plates for terminal blocks, conductor installation, tightening down of terminal block screws etc. 
  • Terminal blocks may only be utilized on the applicable rail and must allow sufficient space to make connections and to close the cover / lid. 
  • The creepage and clearance between terminal blocks and from the terminal block to any earthed / bonded metallic part must comply with IEC 60079-7 requirements for the applicable voltage of the terminal blocks. 
  • Suitably certified glands / plugs must be used in the threaded entries. 
  • Information with relation to entries is indicated in the instructions. 

Technical Data
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